20150602-03 Nazanin Omidi and Sunethra Dayavansha present research at MRBC VIII.

My students, Nazanin Omidi and Sunethra Dayavansha presented a poster and a talk at the Mississippi Regional Biophysical Consortium.  Nazanin presented a poster Computation of Ultrasonic Pressure Fields in Feline Brain and Sunethra gave a talk titled Temperature Dependence of Shear Wave Speed in a Viscoelastic Wormlike Micellar Fluid.

20150513 New paper accepted for publication in JASA-EL.

A new paper, "Direct visualization of shear waves in micellar fluid using microspheres", authored by Cecille Labuda. Connor Tierney, Sunethra Dayavansha and Joseph Gladden has been accepted for publication in the Journal of the Acoustical Society Express Letters.  The paper will soon be available online and will be inthe next print volume of the journal.

20150507: Connor Tierney inducted into Sigma Pi Sigma.

My honors student Connor Tierney was inducted into Sigma Pi Sigma, the physics honor society.  Induction into Sigma Pi Sigma is by invitation only and invitations are restricted to students with excellent academic performance who have been involved in physics research or outreach.

Six students were inducted; Ryan Chapman, Davis Rogers, Emily Smith, Connor Tierney, Piero Bracamonte and Forrest Gamble.  Forrest was unable to be present and was inducted in absentia.